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Use this to send free sms to Lithuania. Also do not forget to try our NEW FREE MMS to Lithuania Service. Do not forget to provide feedback on our service here.

Here is the complete list of mobile service providers for Lithuania with mobile codes. Select the exact provider with appropriate mobile code and enter only the 8 digit mobile number (including the mobile code (6x, 8x, or 9x) in the box provided below)

Mobile Carrier            Old Number           New Number

Nelt (Paging)         +370 79 xxxxx     +370 679 xxxxx

Omnitel (GSM)      +370 80 xxxxx     +370 680 xxxxx

Bit (GSM)              +370 81 xxxxx     +370 681 xxxxx

Omnitel (GSM)      +370 82 xxxxx     +370 682 xxxxx

Tele2 (GSM)         +370 83 xxxxx     +370 683 xxxxx

Tele2 (GSM)         +370 84 xxxxx     +370 684 xxxxx

Bit (GSM)             +370 85 xxxxx     +370 685 xxxxx

Omnitel (GSM)      +370 86 xxxxx     +370 686 xxxxx

Omnitel (GSM)      +370 87 xxxxx     +370 687 xxxxx

Omnitel (GSM)      +370 88 xxxxx    +370 688 xxxxx

Bit (GSM)             +370 89 xxxxx     +370 689 xxxxx

Omnitel (GSM)      +370 98 xxxxx    +370 698 xxxxx

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