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Using Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) longer length messages than SMS can be sent. MMS uses WAP to display content. With this free MMS Benin service, send any (images, audio, video, rich text) to any mobile phone in Benin. Use this free MMS Benin service to send ringtones, favorite pictures, and jokes to friends and loved ones in Benin. Keep in touch instantly with friends and family members in Benin with picture messaging provided here for FREE. It is generally recommended to keep the multimedia file size to less than 300kb in size due due to some limitations on the WAP gateways of the mobile service providers when sending picture messages to Benin.

When using this service to Send FREE MMS Benin, select the proper mobile service provider from the list provided. Enter the verification text shown in the box provided.

Here is the complete list of mobile service providers that support MMS Benin with their mobile codes. Select the exact provider and enter only the 8 digit mobile number (including the mobile code).

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Mobile                Mobile Service

Numbers            Provider

+229 9001xxxx  mobile - Libercom

+229 9002xxxx  mobile - Libercom

+229 9003xxxx  mobile - Libercom

+229 9004xxxx  mobile - Libercom

+229 9505xxxx  mobile - Telecel

+229 9506xxxx  mobile - Telecel

+229 9707xxxx  mobile - Spacetel/Areeba

+229 9708xxxx  mobile - Spacetel/Areeba

+229 9709xxxx  mobile - Spacetel/Areeba

+229 9713xxxx  mobile - Spacetel/Areeba

+229 9314xxxx  mobile - BBCom

+229 9515xxxx  mobile - Telecel

+229 9320xxxx  mobile – BBCom

+229 9323xxxx  mobile - BBCom

+229 9528xxxx  mobile - Telecel

+229 2029xxxx  fixed cellular (WLL-type system?)

+229 2139xxxx  fixed cellular (WLL-type system?)

+229 9540xxxx  mobile - Telecel

+229 9542xxxx  mobile - Telecel

+229 9744xxxx  mobile - Spacetel/Areeba

+229 9545xxxx  mobile – Telecel

+229 9747xxxx  mobile - Spacetel/Areeba

+229 9748xxxx  mobile - Spacetel/Areeba

+229 2249xxxx  fixed cellular (WLL-type system?)

+229 9556xxxx  mobile - Telecel

+229 9757xxxx  mobile - Spacetel/Areeba

+229 9758xxxx  mobile - Spacetel/Areeba

+229 2259xxxx  fixed cellular (WLL-type system?)

+229 9760xxxx  mobile - Spacetel/Areeba

+229 9764xxxx  mobile - Spacetel/Areeba

+229 9066xxxx  mobile - Libercom

+229 9768xxxx  mobile - Spacetel/Areeba

+229 9769xxxx  mobile - Spacetel/Areeba

+229 9370xxxx  mobile - BBCom

+229 9571xxxx  mobile - Telecel

+229 9772xxxx  mobile - Spacetel/Areeba

+229 9374xxxx  mobile - BBCom

+229 9776xxxx  mobile - Spacetel/Areeba

+229 9579xxxx  mobile - Telecel

+229 9581xxxx  mobile - Telecel

+229 9584xxxx  mobile - Telecel

+229 9585xxxx  mobile - Telecel

+229 9586xxxx  mobile - Telecel

+229 9787xxxx  mobile - Spacetel/Areeba

+229 9788xxxx  mobile - Spacetel/Areeba

+229 9789xxxx  mobile - Spacetel/Areeba

+229 9090xxxx  mobile - Libercom

+229 9091xxxx  mobile - Libercom

+229 9092xxxx  mobile - Libercom

+229 9093xxxx  mobile - Libercom

+229 9094xxxx  mobile - Libercom

+229 9595xxxx  mobile - Telecel

+229 9596xxxx  mobile - Telecel

+229 9797xxxx  mobile - Spacetel/Areeba

+229 9798xxxx  mobile - Spacetel/Areeba

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