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Using Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) longer length messages than SMS can be sent. MMS uses WAP to display content. With this free MMS Argentina service, send any (images, audio, video, rich text) to any mobile phone in Argentina. Use this free MMS Argentina service to send ringtones, favorite pictures, and jokes to friends and loved ones in Argentina. Keep in touch instantly with friends and family members in Argentina with picture messaging provided here for FREE. It is generally recommended to keep the multimedia file size to less than 300kb in size due due to some limitations on the WAP gateways of the mobile service providers when sending picture messages to Argentina.

When using this service to Send FREE MMS Argentina, select the proper mobile service provider from the list provided. Enter the verification text shown in the box provided.

Here is the complete list of mobile service providers that support MMS Argentina with their mobile codes. Select the exact provider with appropriate mobile code and enter upto 12 digit mobile number (do NOT enter the mobile code in the box provided below).

Argemtina Mobile Providers:

CTI (3), +543  (10 digits)
PERSONAL (15), +5415 (10 digits)
TELEFONICA (11), +5411 (10 digits)

All Calls to Personal Mobile Provider as follows:  Enter 12 digit mobile number including Area Code (without leading 0):

  • 011 15 xxxx-xxxx if it is a Buenos Aires cell phone

  • 0221 15 xxx-xxxx if it is a La Plata cell phone

  • 0341 15 xxx-xxxx if it is a Rosario cell phone

  • 0351 15 xxx-xxxx if it is a Córdoba cell phone

  • 0261 15 xxx-xxxx if it is a Mendoza cell phone

  • 0381 15 xxx-xxxx if it is a Tucumán cell phone

  • 02324 15 xx-xxxx if it is a Mercedes cell phone

  • 03492 15 xx-xxxx if it is a Rafaela cell phone

  • 03717 15 xx-xxxx if it is a Formosa cell phone

  • 02901 15 xx-xxxx if it is a Ushuaia cell phone

This is similar to Mobile Provider CTI and Telefonica where you need to enter all 12 digit mobile number (without leading 0)

Use following Area Codes for Cities in Argentina:

  • 011 - Buenos Aires, and Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area

  • 022 - Buenos Aires Province (0220: Villars, 0221: La Plata, 0223: Mar del Plata, 02284: Olavarría, 02293: Tandil)

  • 023 - Buenos Aires Province (02316: Daireaux, 02325: Azcuénaga, 02342: Bragado, 0237: Moreno, 02392 Trenque Lauquen)

  • 034 - Santa Fe and Entre Ríos Provinces (0341: Rosario, 0342: Santa Fe, 0343: Paraná, 0345: Concordia, 03462 Teodolina, 03492: Rafaela)

  • 035 - Córdoba Province 0351: Córdoba, 0353: Villa María, 03451: Villa Carlos Paz, 03548: La Falda, 03564: San Francisco, 0358: Río Cuarto)

  • 026 - West - Cuyo (0261: Mendoza, 02627: San Rafael, 0264: San Juan, 02646: Valle Fértil, 02652: San Luis, 02657: Villa Mercedes)

  • 037 - North East - NEA (03717: Formosa, 03732:Sáenz Peña, 03772: Resistencia, 03783: Corrientes, 03752: Posadas)

  • 038 - North West - NOA (0381: Tucumán, 03822: La Rioja, 03833: Catamarca, 0385 Sgo. del Estero, 03865: Concepción (T), 0387: Salta, 0388: Jujuy)

  • 029 - South - Patagonia (02901: Ushuaia, 02966: Río Gallegos, 0297: C. Rivadavia, 02965: Trelew, 02945: Esquel , 0299: Neuquén, 02972 San Martín de los Andes, 02920: Viedma, 02944: Bariloche, 02954: Santa Rosa, 0291: Bahía Blanca).

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