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What is

We provide free of charge to send Text and Picture messages to any mobile phone around the world.

Do I get charged to send Text or Picture Message from

NO. We do not charge you to send Text and Picture messages to any mobile phone around the world.

However, receiving side depend of the Text and Picture Messaging package they have on the phone might have to pay for each Text or Picture Message they receive. Some providers are know to charge per kilo byte (kbyte) of data they receive on the phone. We higly recommend your text messaging reciever mobile users to have unlimited text messaging package before sending extensive text messaging.

What are Text Messaging size limitations?

Text Messaging is in general is limited to 160 characters.

What are Picture Messaging size limitations?

Picture Messaging file size is in general is limited to 300kb some providers are know to limit to 100kb.

How does operate?

We operate off user clicks and views advertisments that our advertisers place on our website.

What is the use of verification text?

We use it to prevent web robots from using our server to spam mobile providers. Absolutely that is a NO. By allowing our users to enter text shown in the image (capcha image) we prevent spammers from spamming cell phone providers and their users.

How do I know the what length of the number to enter in the mobile number box?

Findout your mobile provider name. The length of the mobile number you need to enter for that provider is in general listed above the page. Do NOT enter '-' or ',' or space between each number. Generally you do not enter mobile code such as:

For India, If you selected AIRTEL BHARTI (MUMBAI) (9892), you just only need to enter 6 digit mobile number. Do not enter 9892 mobile code for AIRTEL BHARTI.

For some provider we also support entering the complete mobile number including mobile code.

An example who be in the India page, we have AIRCEL (10 digits) in the drop down menu. Here you need to enter the entire 10 digit mobile number such as 9852123456 where 123456 is the mobile subscriber number and 9852 is the mobile code.

How do I know how digits of the mobile number I need to enter?

  • If you see such as mobile provider name such as Provider XY (86) this means you enter mobile number without the mobile code 86. Your country of page will tell you typical mobile number length.

  • If you see mobile provider name such as Provider XY (86) (9 digits), this is exception to the typical mobile number length. Here most likely expecting entire 9 digit mobile number including (86) mobile code. So you will enter the number such as 861234567 where 1234567 is the typical mobile number.

  • If you see mobile provider name such as Provider XYZ (9 digits), this is also and exception to the typical mobile numbering length. Here you need to enter entire 9 digit mobile number including mobile code. So you will enter the number such as 331234567 where 1234567 is the typical mobile number and 333 is mobile code. The mobile code length and numbering length is explained in country page.

Why is there more than one entry for same mobile service provider?

Some mobile service providers have different routing for prepaid vs post paid mobile numbers. Some have different rounting for paging too. It is in generall recommend to try select exact type of mobile service (prepaid, postpaid, or paging). Also look out some mobile provider have different mobile number go under different names. This is esspecially true for prepaid services.

How do I know if my Text Message was sent or not?

When you hit the sent button, you should see a text messege appearing below the send button that is of the form:

You have Selected XYZ Provider. Number Entered is :1234567.

Where XYZ is the mobile provider name and 1234567 is the mobile number you have entered.

Otherwide you will not see this message when you hit Send button. If you belive you entered the correct numbering length and the message was not successfull send, please let us know here.

What is Text Countries vs SMS Countries?

The Text Countries is a new SMS routing method. Here you can send SMS directly to any mobile phone in that country without ever selecting or knowing which mobile provider the phone number belongs to. Our routing algorithm would automatically figure out the mobile provider.

SMS countries SMS routing method is where you need to know the mobile provider name before hand and select the mobile provider from the drop down menu before you send the message.

I am tried sending text messages to mobile number as decribed in above question but still I am not receiving any text or picture messages?

We have just implemented a new SMS routing method. We would suggest you try this service first. Go to your country you wish to send SMS and see if it works.

For text messages, you need to contact your mobile provider and unable text messages before you can able to receive any text messages. Some time your mobile plan dictates where you can recive text messages or not.

For picture and video messaging, not all mobile providers support MMS (Media Messaging Service). Check with your mobile provider if they support MMS. Also, some low end mobile phones do not support receiving Picture messages. Some mobile service providers require that you subscribe to their packages or services before you can receive any picture message. It is best to contact your mobile service provider and verfiy that.

I followed your instruction you provided to send email but still my Text or Picture messaging is not receiving my intended user? What should I do?

If your mobile phone allows to send Text Messages, in order to add quickest support to non-working SMS or MMS mobile provider, we highly encourage you to send a blank SMS from your mobile phone to our instead of a mobile number. We use this SMS to analyzer routing information. After that you can send unlimited FREE sms from our page. We ONLY use your mobile's this SMS to add support to your mobile service provider.

If you are unable to send email from your mobile, we will greatly appreciate if you can submit a new sms email code. One easy way to get these SMS email codes (in the format is to call your customer care and request them and send us an email at We will provide support as soon as we receive it.

Why do I need to send a blank Text Message to your email?

We use your blank Text message to your email to anlayzer routing information of your mobile provider, nothing else. We will provider support to your provider as soon as we received your blank SMS.

Will my mobile number privacy protected when sending a text message?

Your Mobile Number Privacy in 100% Protected.  We do not even store your mobile number and we NEVER give anyone your mobile number.

As we said above we only use your mobile's blank Text Mesage to to anlayzer routing information of your mobile provider, nothing else.

How do I send a SMS to your email at ?

Under To: field of your SMS enter

How Send blank to


After I send a blank Message to how long does it take to add support to my mobile number?

As soon as we log in to check email from our users, we will provide support to your mobile. Generally 24hrs since we receive your mobile SMS. It will take little longer in the weekends because we are off. We will send a thank you SMS from our site to your mobile number saying support is added. Visit our site and enjoy our free service.

How do I use new webcamera feature on picture messaging?

Our page webcam picture messaging page supports capturing webcamera image directly without the need for any software for our users. You just need to grant access to your desktop webcamera. You click on Capture button to capture a still picture of your webcamera. You can send a allmost live picture of you without ever need for using a cell phone camera. Then, click Save to save still image. Click on the location where camera existed and you will see all your captured image. You can download the still image by clicking on Snapshot Link Num exist right to the image to download webcamera images and attached it to your countries Free Picture Message page you wish to send.

Do you have a mobile SMS page?

We currently have a mobile SMS page here. You can directly view our pages with WAP unabled mobile phone. It has the same functions as the regular desktop web pages tailored to mobile phone browsing.

I am getting harrasing SMS from someone using your service. Can you block my phone number from receing SMS from your service?

If someone is abusing our free service we provided as service, they are violating our terms and service (TOS) of use. If you would like to block your cell phone from receiving SMS, just send a message with our contact us page listing your mobile number you wish to block. We will manually add it to the block list when we get a chance.

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Hope this questions answer all your questions.


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