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Using SMS4Free we provide the service to send free SMS from a computer. Send free text messages from this website to any worldwide desinations. No need to send text messages from your cell phone any longer. Do it all online! If you're at work or at school, this site is the perfect way to send free sms. SMS 4 Free is an absolutely free sms messaging service. Do not forget to bookmark our site below:

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PLEASE help Victims of Haiti Earth Quake. Text HAITI to 90999 ($10 donation) or Yele to 501501 ($5 donation) (USA mobiles Only).

For Our international users Donate directly to red cross here.

Use large and convienient computer keyboard to send free sms messages to friend around the world. Save your text messages you wanted to send on to a file and send it in a later date. It is much quicker to free SMS from Computer to cell phone instead of tapping away at a tiny keypad. No cell phone provide cannot beat the free text messaging from Computer to Cell Phone provided here. Why pay in the order of $0.50 to send free sms messaging when you can use free web to text sms service provided here?

There are lots of sms services available online but not all text messages services are free, fast and some even charge for sms via sneaky subscription charge burried under tiny terms of conditions. We believe it is outrages to charge obsene fees for international text messages.

Click on Send free SMS or free MMS service below and select your country. Select the cell phone provider from the list and type you message and click send.